Getting High on Pie (Moffett’s Chicken Pie Shop, Arcadia CA)

Although I don’t consider myself a CPE (Chicken Pie Expert), I have found myself at various chicken pie shops. Maybe it’s because they’re a relic of the past and I find myself vulnerable… Continue reading

Skidder Out of My Heart

As a lover of vintage advertising, I spend a lot of time watching old commercials, looking at magazines, and singing jingles.

Welcome Home 1966

If there’s one thing that wets my gash, it’s old magazines. Especially old LOCAL magazines. I picked up two of these Los Angeles Times HOME magazines at an estate sale last week in… Continue reading

Beyond Paperdome

Because I’m a sick paper junkie, I visit “Paper Shows” to feed my addiction to vintage paper.

Charlie Don’t Slurp

I’m a fucking Soup Fiend, especially Pho and other Asiany soups. But I only get to eat it on special occasions because I’m not a Sodium Fiend. So I improvise and make my… Continue reading

Sirius Mistakes

While at my real job, I listen to SiriusXM online. I appreciate the variety, but I find that they need a little help sometimes.

My Wife Loves Crazy Hippies!

I’m a huge fan of old police shows. Especially Columbo. ESPECIALLY COLUMBO.

Fart of Dixie

Beyond the piles of flammable materials and crusty hands, matchbook collecting does have its moments. Like when you find something unexpected on the inside of a cover.

On a Sunday Afternoon

Dude, it’s been truly beautiful weather here in Southern California for the last two weeks. Seriously beautiful. For whatever reason, Pasadena is always hotter than the rest of the Southland, even the Inland… Continue reading

The Last of the Famous International Snack Foods

Because it takes me literally 2 minutes to eat lunch, I spend the rest of my lunch period reading or napping. Today was the latest Food Network Magazine.