Welcome Home 1966

If there’s one thing that wets my gash, it’s old magazines. Especially old LOCAL magazines. I picked up two of these Los Angeles Times HOME magazines at an estate sale last week in my neighborhood. I was really excited because they’re a little hard to find and don’t come cheap on eBay. Most people didn’t […]

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Charlie Don’t Slurp

I’m a fucking Soup Fiend, especially Pho and other Asiany soups. But I only get to eat it on special occasions because I’m not a Sodium Fiend. So I improvise and make my Faux Pho. But I go to extremes with it – I make Instant Faux Pho. You down wit’ I.F.P.?

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Gene Gene the Mutation Machine, or “I Have the BRCA Gene Mutation”

 In a comment I made on a Facebook post regarding Angelina Jolie’s latest statement about having her ovaries removed, I griped that non-celebrity women go through the same thing without any kind of support or kudos, that they’re story is never heard and shared. ​So instead of bellyaching about the powers of celebrity, I decided to share my story. ​I was […]

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