The Last of the Famous International Snack Foods

Because it takes me literally 2 minutes to eat lunch, I spend the rest of my lunch period reading or napping. Today was the latest Food Network Magazine.


There was a section about “what international snacks do celebrity chefs like to bring back from traveling”. Most were pretty interesting and looked surprisingly good (except Geoffrey Zakarian’s choice).

Others choices were…..well….

Let’s just say that these chefs don’t travel very far after all.


I can understand Katie not visiting her local Big Lots, where Hit Cookies are readily available.


I’ll even throw one to Kelsey. I’ve seen these at gas stations and liquor stores all over the Southland, but we have a pretty big Asian persuasion here.

But really, G. Garvin?


“Sit down Little G and let me tell you all about a far away mystical land called CVS, where the gummy colas run free and are plentiful.”

And why do I want to pronounce this DAYUMMMM?