On a Sunday Afternoon

Dude, it’s been truly beautiful weather here in Southern California for the last two weeks.

Seriously beautiful.

For whatever reason, Pasadena is always hotter than the rest of the Southland, even the Inland Empire. I’m guessing because it’s in the foothills. I was making my way there for the monthly matchbook club meeting.

And the weather was, of course, glorious.

Stuck behind Mijo's first birthday party.

Stuck behind Mijo’s first birthday party.

Lots of match covers to sort through. I took my usual seat and was handed some boxes to start on.





I found some great covers for myself and I made a little pile for my Matchbook Twin, The Wolf. Here are two gems that I found:

So cute!

So cute!

Insert "playing with their meat joke" here.

Insert “playing with their meat joke” here.

While taking a break inside, a fellow collector showed me his tea tag collection. WHO KNEW?????

(I kid. They’re all fucking amazing.)









These reminded me of The Wolf, of course.


I was graciously given some tea tags. And I graciously accepted them, because we all know what I need is another thing to start collecting.

After the meeting, I had dinner and went to the thrift store. I’m normally a hermit on Sundays because of work the next day, but I LOVE it when I have Monday off and get to stay up and do things. Sunday nights are less crowded and everyone is out of town for the long weekend.

I picked up a few records, a SCTV book, and some slides I’m plan on reselling. But there were some gems at the thrift store that I should have picked up.

Why is this even needed? You live in Southern California.

Why is this even needed? You live in Southern California.




I really wanted those “one S” glas tiles.