Fart of Dixie

Beyond the piles of flammable materials and crusty hands, matchbook collecting does have its moments.

Like when you find something unexpected on the inside of a cover.

Most of the time it’s the date and city of when and where the matchbook was originally picked up. There’s also usually phone numbers for a garter belty hookup from the days of boring anti-biotics.

But once in a while you’ll find a real gem. One of my favorite inside covers is on a matchbook from the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from the 1950’s – it’s a lipstick kiss carefully pressed and preserved. Normally something like that would gross me the fuck out, but the thought of some Vegas floozy giving that to some low-roller makes me smile. After all, the Golden Gate IS known for having the best shrimp cocktail in Downtown Vegas.

So while going through a stack of offensive covers, I happen to notice something written on the back of a particularly offensive cover:



Who says matchbooks aren’t educational? I’m glad the parent was intelligent enough to school their kid about offensive terms. And I’m glad the kid actually paid attention.

I’m just glad that the peach trees can meet there at Mammy’s Shanty so we’re not forced to sit through commercials for PeachTreeMeet.com.