My Wife Loves Crazy Hippies!

I’m a huge fan of old police shows.

Especially Columbo.


One factor of my Columbo love is that it takes place in Los Angeles. Like Dragnet and Adam-12, it showed the best of LA and the worst of its people. As a lover of local Southern California history, I love all of the non-Universal back lot scenes and I have fun trying to figure out locations.

And because of my love of Southern California history, I also love the fuck out of all of our serial killers and crime. The more you know……

So you can imagine how wet my panties got when I got my hands on this:


ZOMG! It’s like Columbo got his chocolate in Manson’s peanut butter!

But then I read the back:


Charlie Weaver?



So it’s not the REAL Manson murders.

But HELLO – why not write a book with Columbo trying to solve the Manson murders? He was on the force in 1969 -it would have been interesting to see Columbo’s take on solving the Tate/LaBianca murders.


“Oh? So this is the White Album?”


As a matter of fact, someone should write all new Columbo books with him solving REAL Los Angeles murders. It’s not like we don’t have enough of them.


“Just one more thing, Mr. Simpson….