Beyond Paperdome

Because I’m a sick paper junkie, I visit “Paper Shows” to feed my addiction to vintage paper.

While attempting to de-clutter (ha!) the house, I found a bag that contained the ephemera I picked up at the last show back in May.

I collect Las Vegas stuff, so I got these:

Some Vegas postcards. I’ve been really into 70’s – 80’s Vegas lately, so of course I love that Desert Inn postcard:

Miscellaneous postcards:

Some Worlds Fair bullshit:

Timetables – then and now:

I actually have a small collection of Fuller Ranch memorabilia, so I was able to add this to my collection:

On my way to the Paper Show from the hotel I was staying at, I stopped unexpectedly at an estate sale. Whoever died worked at Warner Bros., and I picked up a fat stack of these envelopes, as well as the screening invitation and Knotts Berry Farm card:

I’ll be going to the San Marino Postcard show in July – maybe I’ll see you there?